DFest Vendor Agreement

Hello Vendors

DFest will be reorganizing its vendor application and process for a smoother transition for 2014. If interested go to our contact site and reach out to Mr. Patrick who’ll direct you to our vendor management team. Stay Tuned. In the meantime, explore the DFest website and listen to some great music linked to our 2013 artist line-up.

Thank you

DFest Management!


For your convenience, you may submit the information form (link above) with credit card payment OR download the application on this page, fill it out, scan it and email it with credit card payment information or send by check to:

Attn: Vernon Patrick, Vendor Application,
800 S. Wells Street, Box 65-5, Chicago, IL 60607. 

Full payment MUST be submitted with Vendor Application to be considered by TBD. If you choose NOT to fill our form to pay via credit card with a scanned attachment on your email, please call Docktoberfest to submit your payment information by phone at 773-791-7311, at the time you have submitted your application.

All payments will be processed regardless of your status of acceptance into the festival. Refunds will not be made after October 1st, 2013 but if you pay you will receive a donation letter within one week after the event’s conclusion.

All vendors must have the following names on your insurance as added insured and addresses:
City of Chicago, Chicago Cultural Center, 78 East Washington Street, Room 410, Chicago, IL 60602.and ChicagoWaterCraft LLC, and River City Marina Condo Assn, 800 S. Wells Street, Box M65-5 & M65-1, Chicago, IL  60607.


Companies that are for-profit and/or are publicly traded and/or have multiple offices or locations on a regional or national basis are required to participate at the sponsor level. Depending on involvement, this level includes on-site promotion, media, benefits, preferred booth placement and entrance banners. For more sponsorship information, contact Vernon Patrick at 773.791.7311 or via email at, and or review our sponsor partnership page.

ALL NEW Under BIG tent table top…See pricing below!

All booths may be under our BIG tent space permitted.

All vendors are required to pay a $25 City Vendor Permit Fee
Have you ever participated in an outdoor festival before? *
 RETAIL VENDOR Event Booth Space (Select only one category):
$85.00  Member Merchant/Retail Vendor Table Top Only under our BIG tent.
* Not a River City Marina Member
$200.00  Not a member Merchant/Retail Vendor 10`x10` space which space may be shared by more than one vender. Under BIG Tent Space Permitted.
$300.00  Not a member Merchant/Retail Vendor 10`x20` space which space may be shared by more than one vender. Under BIG Tent Space Permitted.

Do you require Electricity for your RETAIL Booth?
(Keep in mind; the crowds (and vendor sales) increase at nighttime, so having lighting at your booth will improve visibility of your merchandise.)
- 10’x10’ retail vending space
$150.00  Festival hours only for 10`x10` retail vending space
$250.00  Overnight for 10`x10` retail vending space
- 10’x20’ retail vending space
$300.00  Festival hours only for 10`x20` retail vending space
$500.00  Overnight for 10`x20` retail vending space
If Electricity is required, it MUST be purchased from River City Marina Condo Assn. Personal generators are not acceptable in any street festival. Desired space location is not GUARANTEED, as all booths with electricity will be grouped together.
Please list items you will be using that require electricity (be specific):
 Optional Rental Equipment Available:
$185.00 each  10×10 tent * Quantity: = $185
$300.00 each  10×20 tent * Quantity: = $300
$15.00 / 10`side  Tent Sides * Quantity: = $15
$15.00 each  8` table * Quantity: = $15
$35.00 each  10` Counter * Quantity: = $35
$5.00 each  Chair * Quantity: = $5