Living Art Fashion Show

Living Art Fashion Show

Schedule & Show Concept

Saturday’s High Fashion Halloween

Designer Jackie

Designer Jackie

Band Stage Time – 7:45-8:00pm

DJ Stage Time – 5:00-5:15pm

Sunday’s High Fashion
Band Stage Time – 2:15-2:30pm

DJ Stage Time – 3:45-4:00pm


The concept of the Saturday show is High Fashion Halloween and then Sunday is just showing off high fashion in general. Our show features of the high fashion design styles from 2 hair stylists, a designer and 2 make up artists. Visit our booth for consultations and style ideas.

Special Thanks to our (5) beautiful show models..

Music Stage

VISIT Our Booth

Designer: Lisa Little, Jackie Clark
Hair Color & Cuts
Halloween Styles

Make Up
Designer: Violet Esposito, Lisa Little

Basics Consultations
Halloween Make-Up

Clothing Design
Designer: Ali Brinckmen


Josh Kuhlman
Tanner Kuhlman